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Sliders are a really good way to showcase your work, blog posts, or images. Adding a slider on your website or a blog post is a great way to give a powerful visual impact. Many free slider plugins provide a convenient way to display multiple images and other content on your website. So that choosing a suitable free slider plugin for your website is not an easy task. So if you are looking for the best free WordPress slider plugin for your website then slider factory is the best free slider WordPress plugin that has multiple layouts with different designs and features. let’s know more about the slider factory. Slider Factory is the best responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that helps you to create beautifully responsive WordPress sliders.

Slider Factory

Free Version Features

  • Responsive Design
  • 12 Different Design Layouts
  • Bootstrap Admin Dashboard
  • Bootstrap 5 User Interface
  • Multiple Image Uploader
  • Drag and Drop Slides Sequencing/Positioning
  • Customizable Width/Height
  • Auto Play On/OFF Setting
  • Customizable Photo Title
  • Customizable Description
  • Text Widget Support
  • SEO Friendly with Alt Tag

Slider factory provides multiple layouts in a single dashboard panel. Using this plugin, you can make an image slide show, photo carousel, responsive image slider, and slideshow. The plugin has many features like title, description, and alt text for images which is beneficial for SEO purposes. It uses the latest Bootstrap 5 CSS framework to design a plugin dashboard for smoother experience. It is fully responsive and compatible with all portable devices. You can add as many images you want using multiple image uploader. Slider factory free provides 12 free slider layouts with different customized features like custom height and width, autoplay on/off setting, and drag and drop functionality. Slider Factory is all in one plugin that has multiple layouts in a single plugin.

Slider Factory Layouts

Slider factory makes it easy for you to create any type of beautiful and attractive slider with different types of layouts. Slider Factory provides different layouts like 3D Slider, Full page Slider, Product Slider, Animated Slider, Circle Slider, Accordion Slider, Before after slider, and more in the free version. Impress website visitors by showcasing your products, with beautiful responsive slider layouts.

Product Slider With Layout 11

A product slider is a really good way to showcase the latest or hot products, blog posts, or images on your WooCommerce website. It allows you to create an easily attractive product slider with a product title and description in a professional way. Showcase your WooCommerce products as a responsive and beautiful slider with slider factory.

Product Slider With Layout 11

3D Slider With Layout 5

It is very easy to create a 3D slider with a slider factory, showcase your work with a 3D slider, Create models slider, food Slider, portfolio slider with a 3D slider on your site to build your website more attractive.

3D Slider With Layout 5

Full Page Slider With Layout 10

If you need to show your work, list your projects and convince clients to hire your services, then a full-page slider can help you a lot. It’s important to make your online portfolio as impressive as possible, so with the help of slider factory layout 10, it is easy to Create a full-page slider. Create wedding portfolio and website portfolio and more with full-page slider.

Full Page Slider With Layout 10

Before After Slider With Layout 12

Show unlimited sets of “before and after” photo labels for better customization. Create your perfect portfolio, which will tell more about your skills. If you have two images for comparison, then this is the best slider for showcase your work. This “slider” bar allows your user to control how the two images display on the screen and freely explore the two different image variations.

Before After Slider With Layout 12

Compatible Themes with Slider Factory

There are millions of WordPress plugins available, It is difficult to find the best WordPress plugin for your website needs. Slider factory is compatible with all the popular multi-purpose WordPress themes.

Slider Factory compatible with all the famous themes -:

  • Astra
  • Divi
  • OceanWP
  • Ultra
  • Spencer
  • Indigo

When you decide to use a Slider plugin, you need to know its speed, ease of use, overall features, and compatibility with almost all the famous themes. Slider speed is one of the most important things that could slow your website and affect user experience and SEO.

Compatible with Page Builders

If you are using a page builder to build the entire website and want to include sliders on websites, then the Plugin should be compatible with all the page builders. Slider factory is fully compatible with WPML – The WordPress Multilingual Plugin, ElementorVisual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder, and all Page Block Editor plugins.


There are so many sliders out there, and each one claims to be the best for WordPress. In fact, there are many great sliders but it is difficult to find the best slider that fulfill all the slider needs. Slider factory is one of them that fulfil all the slider needs, it has good interface, easy to use. responsive, SEO friendly, compatible with almost all the famous themes and page builders.

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