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Did you know that more than 69% of users on websites abandon their shopping carts without checking out? they want their questions to be answered immediately, and any doubt with their product purchase can result in losing a sale.

Using a live chat support plugin helps you quick answer users question and turn them into a customer.

In this short article, we will share with you the Top 6 Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress in 2021. These all live chat services work completely with any WordPress site.

Why Add Live Chat Support To Your Website?

According to e-Consultancy, live chat has the biggest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel at 76%, compared to 59% for email and 41% for phone.

It is no brainer that live chat has such a significant impact on marketing and online sales. It allows users to get Immediate answers without leaving your website. A positive live chat experience can effectively help users make the buying decision for your product.

Adding live chat support can definitely reduce cart recantation, boost conversions and increase sales. But a lot of it depends on the live chat plugin that you use.

An inferior live chat support experience can have an adverse effect. You can lose a sale, customers may leave with a moldy impression of your brand, you may end up repaying too much for the service, or fail to make use of the live chat app due to technical skills.

let’s take a view at our expert pick of the Top 6 Best Live Chat Plugins For WordPress in 2021. that you can use to increase your business.


1. WP Live Chat Support


WP Live Chat Support is a cost-effective way of entering into a conversation with your users for free. There is no tangle of third-party connections, although an option is available to host chats on Live Chat Support servers, instead of your personal website. Hosting on third party server improves reaction time and decrease the load on your host server. And also there is no need to pay any subscription. Using this Chat support plugin, you can chat to not just one, but to many customers and users at the same time. A straight conversation between agents and visitors happens via a simple to use interface. The chat box does not sport any notification or links. You get to choose from six templates themes for the chat box and add effects. The chat box is effective and responsive, comes with color settings and can be dragged all over the page.

You also have the choice of whether to host all the functionality on your own server or use WP Live Chat Support’s server, which is another unique part of this plugin’s approach.


2. Pure Chat

Pure Chat LIve Chat Plugin for WordPress

Pure Chat Plugin gives you the authority to talk to multiple visitors at the same time. It fends the transcript history for you go back to any time. Many options are possible for the appearance of the chat box. And when you go offline, you can set what your widget should display. It can display an offline indicator or let visitors email you with their questions.

After activation of this plugin, you need to create an account with Pure Chat plugin. Then select a widget for your website page and click on the link to take you to Pure Chat dashboard, from where you can change its settings. The pure chat widgets can be customized as well. Besides, there are no ads with Pure Chat. The plugin link with tools and apps to raise customer management.


3. Wise Chat

Wise Chat Live Chat Plugin

Wise Chat is a plugin with a focus on social networks and improving user engagement using real-time chat facility. It is easy to install & active using a shortcode, PHP function. or widget. You can have many chats running on the same page, and many numbers of chat rooms as well. users can post messages in these related chat rooms. Some chat rooms can be converted into private chat rooms by apply passwords. Into this plugin, you found three simple themes to style your chat and a number of options are available to configure the plugin the way you want.


4. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat is a tool that helps you start a conversation. Immediately on activation and clicking the Tidio chat tab, the chat box becomes shown. set a few settings and you are ready to start talking to your site visitors. This tools offers three designs and allows you to adjust color schemes. The unified widget supports many languages. so you can talk to visitors in their country language. Also, Any number of a mediator can be chosen in to handle the conversations and each mediator can have their own avatar. If you happen to be offline, you can flash a request asking users to leave his email id to receive a future response.


5. Zendesk Chat

zendesk chat WP plugin

Zendesk Chat is a famous plugin that interacts your customers in real time and helps them to fulfill a transaction. You can arrange multiple transactions through the online dashboard as well as monitor users from there. The plugin is optimized for small devices, works on all main browsers and is available in 40 languages.

After installing the plugin first set up your account with the Zendesk Chat. Customize the widget and arrange the conversations from the dashboard. The free version allows only one chat at a time and manages chat records for only 14 days. Ahead, only your one team member can access the dashboard at a time in the free version. Many customization settings are also not available in this free version.

The pro package for the plugin offers a good number of additional options. Into pro version, All team members can access the dashboard with their personal accounts and even shifting chats among themselves. Many can be able for opening a chat box. It enables visitors conversion tracking as well, and you can implement roles and permissions with the plugin.

6. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

WP Chatbot Builder for Messenger is a Free WordPress plugin that lets you create chatbots for your WordPress website and easily get in conversation with your website visitors to your Messenger inbox. The plugin is developed and managed by BotMyWork; a Chatbot Builder company. 

The plugin can easily be installed from the WordPress and, set the conversation responses that the chatbot has to reply. On activation, the chatbot logo appears on the website. Other interesting features such as broadcast, welcome messages, live chat, and data reporting etc. are available in the dashboard. With this plugin, you combine the potential of Facebook Messenger marketing with your Website visitors.

We hope this post helped you to choose the best live chat support plugin for your WordPress website.

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