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There is no doubt that mobile users are a big source of your website traffic. There is a high opportunity that you might be reading this on your mobile phone. Around 57% of your traffic is derived from mobile devices. It can go as high as 62% if you are writing on popular things like beauty and fitness, sports, technology, and many more.

So if you are not focusing on building your website mobile-friendly, then you are not doing yourself any favors.

Since more than half of your traffic is coming from small devices, you need to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly. You have to be very careful while giving your mobile-users visitors the information they need. According to Google’s Think Insight on mobile, visitors landing on your mobile website will leave 61% of the time if they fail to find the information they want. And, where will they go after ditching your website? of course to your competitor.

That’s oughta scare ya!

wordpress mobile friendly

However, there is a 69% chance that your mobile visitor will convert into a lead if they are given the right user experience. So, Mobiles is the first approach to follow and for you to do that, I have collected a list of WordPress plugins to optimize your website for small devices.

You might find a lot of WordPress mobile-friendly plugins for optimization but most of them are buggy and will probably crash your website. So, I have separated the good from the not-so-good for you. Let’s have a quick look at the best WordPress plugins To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly.


1. WPtouch


Either it’s a mobile theme or it’s WPtouch. It is the most popular WordPress plugins and certainly one of the most downloaded.

For a start, WPtouch enables a mobile version of your website that automatically passes Google’s mobile test. It also makes sure that the website is fully optimized for SEO. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your rankings.

It allows you to tweak your mobile website through its customization panel without making any changes to your website.

If you want to take your mobile optimization game a bit high, which you should, you can always go pro. WPtouch Pro offers some premium features that allow you to create your own theme or upload a child theme and much more.

Get WPtouch


2. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Mobile Theme Switcher

Full marks for the functional name as it totally describes the purpose. Compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, and Blackberry operating system, Any Mobile Theme Switcher allows you to choose different themes for each mobile browser.

The plugin automatically found the browser being used by the visitor and throws in the right theme for that browser.

It can even show different home pages for different small mobile devices. Now, that’s pretty cool.

The plugin is free which means it has paid advanced features. The PRO version offers features like Click to Call, compatibility with W3 Total Cache, QR code for mobile bookmarking,  and much more.

Download Any WordPress Theme Switcher


3. Jetpack by

Jetpack by WordPress

With over 1+ million downloads, Jetpack is one of the best WordPress plugins ever. It is a must regardless of the website you run. The plugin offers an easy and clean interface for your mobile visitors. The plugin is ultra-lightweight, so your load time of a mobile website is very low.

The plugin comes with a full set of optimization features that includes a mobile theme.

The plugin, however, is huge. Its 7mb in size which is almost 16% bigger than the WordPress core.

Get it from here


4. WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition

WP Mobile Edition plugin for mobile optimization detects automatically if your user is landing on your mobile webpage or a desktop webpage. The plugin switches to either the primary WordPress theme or automatically load a mobile theme.

WP Mobile Edition plugin allows visitors to choose between the primary theme or the mobile theme and it remembers their choice when the next time they visit.

The plugin also takes care of your website SEO needs. It optimizes the website for SEO automatically. Also equipped with a mobile ad, all you need to do is put an ads script and, there you go, it’s on your visitor’s mobile screen.

It is compatible with both Android and Windows phone operating systems. WP Mobile Edition might not be the most popular WordPress mobile optimization plugin in WordPress world but it does the trick. And in the end, that is all you want—isn’t it?

Download this smart plugin from Here


With Google and other search engines giving importance to mobile-friendly pages, it is essential you take the right step now or else you will be forgotten. I mean to stay you will lose your rankings. You seriously do not want that to happen!


5. WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack

Now, this plugin is a bit different from the ones mentioned above. While those plugins make a mobile version of your website, WordPress Mobile Pack converts your website into a mobile web application. The plugin is compatible with Android and iOS.

Your mobile web app will be sensitive to screen sizes. The experience is smooth with fluid animations and very easy scrolling. The plugin allows you to select specific pages of your site that you want to show on your mobile web app. You can also customize the fonts and color of the theme that you have selected.

The plugin easily integrates with Google Analytics as well.

Download WordPress Mobile Pack


6. Infinite Ajax Scroll For WooCommerce

Infinite Ajax Scroll For WooCommerce is an extension for WordPress websites that use WooCommerce to run an online business. The plugin implements an infinite scrolling set up for the shop page.

The plugin is made with the idea to enhance the customers’ browsing experience and keep them glued to your website. Here are some of the UX related benefits that you get with this extension:

  • Allows the shoppers to interact with your WooCommerce store with a minimal number of clicks.
  • Infinite scroll gives your website content a better exposure.
  • The plugin enhances the shopping experience for mobile users and other touch screen users.

Infinite scrolling is very helpful for users that browse your website with a touchscreen device such as a mobile phone. It is more intuitive and reduces the number of clicks. Also, pagination can be very frustrating for small screen users as some mobile screens can be too small for the pagination controls.

We hope this post helped you to choose Best WordPress Plugins To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly.

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