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Before you install and test a dozen affiliate WordPress Plugins and waste your precious time, how about spending a minute to concentrate on what you want to achieve with your referral program and why It is the only way to choose the perfect affiliate plugin according to your needs.

Here’s an hypothetical scenario. You have a WordPress theme, plugin, website hosting or something else to offer the world, but just can’t seem to find the perfect marketing strategy for you. Now, you have your eyes looking for an affiliate marketing and you feel it’s exactly what you need to push your product(s) forward.

Perhaps that is not the case. Maybe, you’re the designer tasked with building an affiliate management system. You’re in the market for an affiliate WordPress plugin which you can customize to your needs. The reason why you’re here is not that important; it’s an accepted fact that an affiliate program helps you to boost traffic and sales.

Here are 10 beautiful affiliate WordPress plugins and referral managers to create an affiliate program to boost your business.


1. Affiliate Manager

Affiliate Manager

This plugin packs quite a punch for a free affiliate management system.

I mean, it rivals premium affiliate WordPress plugins, what with a suite of features that will drive you crazy. Installing and using this baby is straight forward as everything is laid out clearly.

Managing your affiliates and referrals is as easy as A, B, C since you have complete control of everything from affiliate registration to payments and individual commissions just to mention a few. You can easily track clicks and make mass payments via PayPal, which is a life saver.

The settings screen in the WordPress admin is laden with all the features you need to run a successful affiliate system. That, plus the plugin plays well with WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, S2Member, and JigoShop among others. Further, you can track an unlimited number of affiliates in real time!

On top of that, you can create creatives for your affiliates, ads banner and integrate the plugin to MailChimp, ad impressions track, customize affiliate and messages among other things.

Affiliates Manager is translation ready, meaning your affiliate program is open to the whole world.

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2. Affiliates – Affiliate Plugin

Affiliates plugin

Brought to you by Itthinx and Kento, Affiliates is a full-featured affiliate WordPress plugin that’s ideal if you’re looking for an affiliate management system that works right out of the box.

Affiliate WordPress plugins a run for their money, It gives many others that are great for sellers what with tools, membership sites and online stores.

what the Affiliates WordPress plugin has to offer Let’s discover. To begin with, adding new affiliates is so easy, your affiliate program should make money in no time. And thanks to a million and one integrations, you can hook this plugin to any e-commerce or membership platform you have.

You’re free to track an unlimited number of affiliates, and traffic statistics allow you to put a finger on what’s working and what’s not. The affiliates WordPress plugins in this list, Affiliates is easy to set up and use. After all, over 7k active users can’t be wrong.

Seeing as Affiliates is easy to customize and comes with an API, developers can bank on this plugin to build customized affiliate management programs, without all the heavy lifting. I mean, everything you need to run an affiliate program is already available in the plugin. And you get all this free.

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3. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If you work exclusively with here’s a 100% free affiliate WooCommerce, plugin just for you.

one job and does it incredibly well YITH WooCommerce Affiliates does. The plugin WooCommerce allowing you to create commissions and set up affiliate profiles.

The features you need to run a successful affiliate program for your WooCommerce-based store YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is all about ease of use right from installation to bagging your first referral. It’s full of all.

For starters, you can set cookies to expire whenever, meaning you can track referral for many days to come. Secondly, you can enable affiliate registration easily using shortcodes, create affiliates from your existing users and approve/ban any affiliate whenever you fancy.

On top of that, you can set varying commission amounts and automatically calculate refunds. Affiliates have an intuitive dashboard from where they can track their progress. All in all, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates reinforces your WooCommerce store as far as generating traffic and sales go.

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4. Refer-A-Friend For WooCommerce By WPGens

Refer-A-Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

Some affiliate programs offer incentives that aren’t strictly cash. An example is offering current customers rewards for referring their friends and family to your website. With Refer-A-Friend by WPGens, you can reward your active customers with exclusive coupons.

Simply activate and install the free Refer-A-Friend plugin and configure your rewards. The plugin automatically generates custom links for registered customers. Your customers can then share that link with friends, email it to family, post it on social media or something else. Then when someone makes a purchase they’ll get a coupon.

There are easy to manage options for setting a coupon value, type and minimum order. And if you upgrade to premium you’ll also be able to add an expiration date, share with a friend (the customer and their friend both get a coupon), and more.

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5. ReferralCandy For WooCommerce

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy WooCommerce for is another rewards type affiliation plugin and You’re targeting interested customers is (or even potential customers) to share your people in their network with WooCommerce store. The only caveat is free plugin operates in conjunction with a ReferralCandy that this plan, so you will need to signup at their site.
However, awesome and powerful service is ReferralCandy.

First, you create a promotion then you can add it to your website with a newsletter signup. When a new person signs up they receive an email with your promotion as well as the incentive to share the promo with their friends.

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6. Viral Sign-Ups By iRefer

Viral Sign-Ups by iRefer

one time referral program manager for WordPress an The Viral Sign Ups plugin. When you install the plugin just follow along with the setup wizard to create your referral promotion. You’ll also create a signup form for your website which can be inserted anywhere with the easy to use shortcode.

With you are on your website Viral Sign Ups form you just have to wait for new users to subscribe. the form they’ll receive an email notifying them that they can receive a special discount, reward, free product, or whatever When a person submits it is you want to offer it refers so many friends.

You will need to signup for an iRefer account, which starts at $19/mo. But they do have a 14-day free trial, so you can give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for your business.

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7. Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates

one of the best WordPress affiliate tools around is Thirsty Affiliates. If you want seamless affiliate link management on your WordPress website, then this is the tool for yours. It allows you to insert links, cloak links and analyze the performance of each link on your site. The feature automatically links your affiliate link to the keywords you provide.
The tool creates detailed charts and reports that includes useful statistics. It also includes email reports to admin.
You won’t have to worry about updating your links as the front end link fixed will ensure that your links are up to date.
The 404 checker skims through your website for 404s so that you can change them.

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8. Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links automatically adds affiliate links to your content. It connects your content to affiliate programs such as Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission Junction, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, and the Envato Marketplace. It doesn’t modify your content. Instead, the links are added when your content is displayed. It includes an admin panel where you can make all of your adjustments. You can set the links to follow or no follow, choose the keywords that have links, limit the number of links that are shown, and set the links to be cloaked if you want.

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9. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links makes it easy to manage your Amazon affiliate links. You choose your categories and it automatically sets up links with your affiliate ID for 10 different locales. You can insert the ads as a widget, as a shortcode, or within your theme’s PHP. Create your specific products own templates, search for filter unwanted products, and use custom buttons.
You can customize the outputs or use custom templates. if you want To set the image sizes, sort order, and use URL cloaking. You can export your ads to external feeds, so you can use them with RSS or with your apps.

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10. EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

EasyAzon – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

Amazon is affiliate links and EasyAzon makes it easy to add from within your WordPress post editor. Create a text affiliate link without having to go to Amazon. They can open in the same window or a new window and apply no follow if you want. Settings are applied site-wide or on a per page basis. It supports multiple locations. A pro version is available that adds images, product information blocks, Amazon buys buttons, popups, cloaking, add to cart, automatic localization, and support for multiple affiliate IDs.

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